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Ubisoft Hyper Scape

The world of battle royal games has exploded with titles the last few years, but we had not seen one from Ubisoft til recently. The last few days on Twitch you had a chance to get a copy of the Ubisoft Hyper Scape technical test. This is a fast paced first person battle royal title […]


COD Season 4

COD Season 4 started earlier this month and we’ve already jumped into the action. We’ve been back on the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game since debut back in November 2019. This post will be a recap of the first three seasons of my experience back in the competitive gaming world. I started gaming on […]

Updated YouTube Playlist

Have you subscribed to YouTube.com/gnarlyduck yet? That’s awesome if you have! You must be an Ubisoft Steep game fan because that is just about all I play… and I have loads of playlist surrounding the world of Steep. I have How To videos for beginner players learning, as well as seasonal streams. Let’s not forget […]

Steep XGames Season 14

Ubisoft Steep XGames 2020 Season 14 is now live! We streamed on YouTube how the easiest way to get the Steep XGames Week 1 rewards. These include X-Games Scarf, Skis, Wingsuit, and Jacket. You know what is also pretty cool this season? My Season Special! Ubisoft Annecy put my shared dare for everyone to play. […]

Steep Become a Legend

I’m back with another quick tutorial for Steep! I’ve noticed a question that gets asked but not often answered. I thought I would take a chance and try to figure it out, I hope I did. The question is, “how do I start” or “how do I continue the how to become a Legend in […]

Ace on R6 Siege

I recently have been playing a few different shooters, preferably FPS games. Check out this clip of my first ace on Rainbow Six Siege. This game was highly recommended to me and I finally caved in and got it. I have not explored all the operators yet, in fact I cant remember who I used […]

Steep Season 10 Week 2

Season 10 is in full swing now that we are in week 2 of September. This month we focus on taking risks in both weekly challenges and also Steep World Tour! Yup, we qualified and are ready for this 2nd phase coming this weekend. Before we get into further SWT details, lets talk about this […]