Ubisoft Hyper Scape

Ubisoft Hyper Scape

The world of battle royal games has exploded with titles the last few years, but we had not seen one from Ubisoft til recently. The last few days on Twitch you had a chance to get a copy of the Ubisoft Hyper Scape technical test. This is a fast paced first person battle royal title with some arcade flair. Available currently only on PC, it has plans to be relased on Xbox and Playstation.

I was able to get a my hands on a copy and play about an hour on stream. This game looks different than many of the current titles out there. It has this cartoony yet polished look that brings you back to the early 2000s feel of art. You spawn in the air, empty handed, landing in a retro futuristic world. Break through glass to enter into building to find power ups and weapons fighting your way til your the last one. At this moment there are 2 modes, trios and solos, with hints at 2 other modes but no further details. I would hope for an objective based mode, I really don't think that has been a priority in the battle royal titles.

As noted before, Twitch has been giving dropped copies. Twitch also has integrations for this game. Yes, what does that mean? That means, viewers on Twitch have influence on certain aspects of the current game being watched. I've only been apart of this once, but every so often there are in game events such as low gravity for a few moments or unlimited ammo. This is a game changer. In the past I've only seen Magic the Gathering take use of Twitch extensions for viewers, but now viewers have influence on the current game is a new feature.

Before jumping into the action, I went into the options to see what could be changed. I left most things as default and noticed there was aim assist. Aim assist, when in options usually means one thing, controller support. Mentioned before that Ubisoft Hyper Scape will be released for Xbox and Playstation, so naturally it will need controller support. Watch our replay of the stream and check out the controller cam we played with.

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COD Season 4

COD Season 4 started earlier this month and we've already jumped into the action. We've been back on the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game since debut back in November 2019. This post will be a recap of the first three seasons of my experience back in the competitive gaming world.

I started gaming on Sega Genises, well I played before then too but Genises was my first owned system. Soon after I got into PC gaming, then at college went back onto consoles. Playstation 2 was the hot commodity then, the network adapter had just came out and I was rocking on SOCOM US Navy Seals. Battlefield was also around in those days but still on PC... and I had made a switch again to PC competitive gaming around 2005. For roughly the next 5 years I would continue to play in different leagues for Quake 4 and COD4 for PC.

Life happens to all of us, and what that means is decisions we make have high impact on our lives and usually lifestyle. I had decided to drop games and continue to pursue another hobby I enjoyed. Skateboarding downhill; longboarding the mountains... and that is when I dropped my keyboard and mouse. My work at the time landed me in a new location where I then moved in with new roommates. One of these roommates had a PS4 that was never used. After asking to play and their sincere offering, the controller got back into my hands. I casually played GTAV, it was fun and the racing in the game had its competitive edge. It began to creep on me. Win after win, lost after lost, I got other games....

A few years later, I got my own PS4 and I had also moved again. I moved away from Grand Theft Auto and into Ubisoft Steep and Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

What felt like 10 years away from what grew into the now esports industry, I've been playing catch up. Going from KBM back to controller was also a whole thing in itself. Lot of new game modes have also been introduced or are now popular and have also been a learning curve. And at this point I feel like an above average player. I still have a ton to learn. Check out these montages from the first 3 seasons of CODMW 2020.

Beta and Season 01

Season 02 Memetage

Season 03 Recap

Updated YouTube Playlist

Have you subscribed to YouTube.com/gnarlyduck yet? That's awesome if you have! You must be an Ubisoft Steep game fan because that is just about all I play... and I have loads of playlist surrounding the world of Steep. I have How To videos for beginner players learning, as well as seasonal streams. Let's not forget the Steep World Tour as I stream those and give tips on how to get qualified into the finals. I have just about every season streamed and into their own playlist. A new series I started which I hope to have more edits out soon with are the Narrative Mountain Stories, take a peak. My two personal favorite playlist are my Brand Edits and then the Steep Alaska Kitchik Grind series.

Steep XGames Season 14

Ubisoft Steep XGames 2020 Season 14 is now live! We streamed on YouTube how the easiest way to get the Steep XGames Week 1 rewards. These include X-Games Scarf, Skis, Wingsuit, and Jacket.

steep xgames

You know what is also pretty cool this season? My Season Special! Ubisoft Annecy put my shared dare for everyone to play. Head over to Alaska and open your Events Menu, scroll down til you see Season Special gnarlyDUCK! I hope to see you on the leaderboard for my challenge.

xgames 2020


Complete this weeks challenges for these rewards. Finish 5 playlist for multiplayer pvp, complete freerider challenges on Alps, and score high in Alaska. See ya around, please comment any questions on my YouTube Channel.


If this is your first time meeting me, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you found me, and I hope you are liking Steep or another game I also play. But I do assume you are here for Steep content! Awesome! I'm now also found streaming weekly on Twitch. I started last week with a 12 hour marathon and streamed Steep starting from Level 1. If you are looking for a playthrough or walkthrough of Steep, this is the place to be. I'm not quite yet done with the Alps, so I hope to catch you in the chat sometime as I crush these challenges once again.

Streaming on Twitch Now – Games

Happy New Year 2020 and we be Twitchin! It has been off to a good ol start for gnarlyDUCK, Santa upgraded us. In the past we have mostly streamed to YouTube, but that is now changing, https://www.twitch.tv/gnarlyduck

At least once a week, and you know even more when Steep World Tour is in season, you can now find me on Twitch! Using Streamlabs mutlistream I'll also be on Facebook Gaming Page, www.gnarlyduck.me

Last week I did my first marathon, 12 hour stream! Started from Level 1 on Steep on Steam, and progressed to level 31 finishing all the mountain stories and wingsuit missions. Earlier today I was back on live stream with completing the paragliding challenges and rocket wingsuit in the Alps range. I'm going to continue tonight and get the rest of the season 13 challenges before they are gone!

BUT, you can still expect me on YouTube Gaming and be on the lookout for some Call of Duty Modern Warfare streams!

See ya in the chat!



Steep Become a Legend

I'm back with another quick tutorial for Steep! I've noticed a question that gets asked but not often answered. I thought I would take a chance and try to figure it out, I hope I did. The question is, "how do I start" or "how do I continue the how to become a Legend in Steep"? This was part of the Olympics DLC were your journey starts in the Alps then moves to Korea. Often many players start other challenges and pauses this event series making it hard to find again. So, I think that is were the problem itself lays... unable to find where you left off.

I'm going to show you how to start and also find this series after starting it, Become a Steep Legend.

Steep Season 11 – First two weeks

Season 11 is in full swing! Ending the 2nd week, I hope you are qualified for the Steep World Tour. Sadly, I missed out on streaming all of the days to qualify, however I did get 2 rounds in... so I will see you for the next phase!

To start off with this season, Spooky themed challenges, be sure to check out my Monthly challenge selected by Ubisoft Annecy in Alaska.

A week before the qualifying phase of SWT, I jumped on stream for some of the new rewards this month.

The 2nd round of qualifiers phase stream, short and sweet, they usually are.

And again, another day making certain I am qualified for Steep World Tour. Along with a 2nd week of new challenges and rewards. Ever having troubles with challenges? Please comment in the video and I will try and help. See you guys in Finals for Steep World Tour!

Ace on R6 Siege

I recently have been playing a few different shooters, preferably FPS games. Check out this clip of my first ace on Rainbow Six Siege. This game was highly recommended to me and I finally caved in and got it. I have not explored all the operators yet, in fact I cant remember who I used for this round.

Anyway, enjoy some noob gameplay, please subscribe and leave and advice in the video comments. Thanks!

Steep Season 10 Week 2

Season 10 is in full swing now that we are in week 2 of September. This month we focus on taking risks in both weekly challenges and also Steep World Tour! Yup, we qualified and are ready for this 2nd phase coming this weekend. Before we get into further SWT details, lets talk about this weeks stream for some more rewards.

Ubisoft Annecy last month gave us some rewards that reflect their Assassin Creed game, and this month we have another cross over. Rainbow Six Siege Nomad spec ops gear is available as rewards for this month. Play the weekly challenges and do your best through the Steep World Tour to get these rewards. Every week I get on YouTube for a stream on accomplishing those challenges as well as talk about other updates.

We travel to all the mountains on this stream, which was longer than usual as some of the challenges were a bit grindy. Hope this helps, and please leave a comment on the video.


Awesome! Thanks for watching that. Now, some more details on Steep World Tour. Steep World Tour is a competitive tournament that spans throughout the month. Second week of the month is always qualifying events. There are 4 qualifying events, 24 hours each, starts Thursdays 8PM eastern standard timezone. And the trend follows for the next phases. After the 4 qualifying events, the next weekend, week 3 of the month, will be the competition phase. To advance to finals, you must finish Top 100 in the competition phase. Again you will be given 4 days at the end of the 4th day the Top 100 players advance to Finals! Finals, is the last week of the month and here you will have the last amount of attempts but still will be given 4 days of time. All phases contain rewards along with many Steep credits. If you missed out this month, be sure to get on next month!

For more info:



And check out the www.steepcommunity.com

Gamer Goo Livestream Review on Ubisoft Steep

Stop those sweaty palms with some Gamer Goo! Scented with Peppermint, Cinnamon, or Orange will this product hold up? Check out our live review for all the details.

This was my first look, and hands on experience of Gamer Goo. I had gone to their website and ordered the sample pack which comes with 3 samples. Sent to me were Peppermint, Cinnamon and Orange goo packets. I'll add here first that each packet can easily be 3 sessions. Session? Yes, each time you use Gamer Goo, you need only a pea sized amount, explained in instructions, which you will lather your hands with.

Like lotion, Gamer Goo, will coat your hands with this white yet clear goo. This goo doesn't stay liquid for long, but dries up within a 2 minutes. If you used just enough, you will not see any residue... used too much you will see a white film powder or residue on your hands. This does not seem to rub or nor come off onto your controller.

As Gamer Goo is set in, you hands will feel dry, like very dry. You can easily feel how greasy your controller is but yet how grippy and scented your hands are. The Peppermint scent did wear off and left a rather odd smell behind. I hope to try the other scents to experience something different.

Performance... Gamer Goo holds up to their words, not once did my controller feel slippery. Though at time I can notice my palms got sweaty, Gamer Goo some how still dried it up.

Check out the video for the unboxing, wrapping, dispensing and all the fun in between... as we used up the whole packet, not advisable.