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  • Fortnite 8.00 bug update patch Axe Glitch PS4 Xbox

    Season 8 is here on Fortnite and we’ve already experienced a slew of bugs. Luckily the Epic team is quick and put out an update to fix a few of them. Please subscribe to see me in the duck onsesie some more.

  • Fortnite Fite League – Week 9 S2

    Week 9 just finished, and already mid way through Week 10.  Yes, a little late in posting this. Nothing short of what I said, started strong this season and then sputtered through. Holding strong 7th places out of the whole league, not bad! Check out the season awards at the bottom!

  • Fortnite Fite League – Week 8 S2

    DUOs, that was for week 8 on the Fortnite Fite League. Scrubbed one win, and not many kills for this week taking me down to 7th place. I had a strong start and have been fading since. Maybe with another week ahead I can pull some big wins and kill streaks. Til then, here are

  • S02Week5 – Fortnite Fite League (PS4)

    This week’s format the league agreed to change the format to 2 hour strict play (exceptions for mid-game matches to continue). Sorry for the lack of writing, catching up on these posts.

  • S02Week4 – Fortnite Fite League (PS4)

    And here are the results of Week 4

  • S02Week3 – Fortnite Fite League (PS4)

    Here are the standings from Week 3. This is a back logged post, I forget details of this week.

  • 321eSports – Fortnite The Crucible

    Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/235415770482765/ Melbourne, FL is hosting a huge Fortnite tournament with cash prizes for Solo, Duo, & Squad play. 

  • Gamers Respawn – Fortnite Solo Tournament

    This week I had a chance to go to Gamers Respawn in Palm Bay, FL to attend the Solo tournament they had going on. A handful of people showed up to play, mostly PC players and they dominated the ranks. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bo7Nm3Tglbp/?taken-by=gnarlyduck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrRlpTpLXko

  • S02Week2 – Fortnite Fite League (PS4)

    This was my official start week for this league on PS4. Got myself into the “Gold Tier” with my assigned duo partner. Came close to a few wins, but no dub. Maybe next week. I got a local tournament to attend this weekend.