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I've been gaming nearly 2 decades now, started out on the original Nintendo system beating Mario in both English and Japanese cartridge at a family's friends house. My mom bought me a Sega Genesis in the early 90s and I built my first PC not too long after Unreal Tournament came out. Unreal was my first online game for PC. At the start of college, SOCOM for PS2 debut and so did the add-on modem for online play. During this time I became a competitive online player, creating and guiding teams through tournaments and ladder sites. But not yet was I gnarlyDUCK...

Fast forward a to 2005, the competitive console scene was still very young at the time with only Socombattles creating the layout to an early esports scene for Xbox and PS2. SocomBattles later became GameBattles, then partnered with MLG. PC esports scene had already been around with LAN events starting back in the DOOM days followed by Unreal Tournament and Quake. I decided to shift my focus on part of the gaming industry that had more roots, PC Gaming. I turned to Quake 4 as it looked promising for fast paced high intensity competition. It did not disappoint. Multiple leagues and tournaments were active with this game and I was juggling between different aliases and teams. It wasn't til during a scrim that I came up with this name.

"That was a gnarly duck when I shot that rocket at you."
This was the phrase used which spawned thy name. I had often played with a veteran player who was coaching me to get better. He noted that I would utilize the crouch bind more often than other players. Along with knowing me a bit, I grew up on the beach, I say "gnarly" often. He put the two words together just through conversation, but the two words together sounded really catchy to me at the time. I ran with it.

It's been over a decade now that I've used the gnarlyDUCK alias... and you can find me on most gaming sites this way.

At this point in 2020, gaming seems to almost have come full circle to me. There was a time not long ago that I stopped gaming and moved to the mountains for a different lifestyle. I found myself back on the beach in the recent years with a controller back in my hands. But now, I have a different approach to gaming and pursue a few different angles of the industry.

321 Gaming LLC - I decided to start building a brand. A gaming centric company based out of my hometown. I have many visions on where this will go, so I am putting my roots in now while the industry is still young. With many platforms sprouting up to spotlight players to professional stardom or into a scholarship, I'd like to start filling in the gaps with this brand. Starting locally and expanding globally, I'm slowly building and learning how to run a business. This is where I am today. I'm still gaming at a competitive level and want to introduce esports to my geographic area as the industry grows too.

As I continue to grow as an individual, I am also growing as a player. I uphold myself the same in-game as I do in the real world. I'd love to hear from you, and thank you for reading. Feel free to message me on any social media or gaming platforms.

Thank You!