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COD Season 4

COD Season 4 started earlier this month and we’ve already jumped into the action. We’ve been back on the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game since debut back in November 2019. This post will be a recap of the first three seasons of my experience back in the competitive gaming world.

I started gaming on Sega Genises, well I played before then too but Genises was my first owned system. Soon after I got into PC gaming, then at college went back onto consoles. Playstation 2 was the hot commodity then, the network adapter had just came out and I was rocking on SOCOM US Navy Seals. Battlefield was also around in those days but still on PC… and I had made a switch again to PC competitive gaming around 2005. For roughly the next 5 years I would continue to play in different leagues for Quake 4 and COD4 for PC.

Life happens to all of us, and what that means is decisions we make have high impact on our lives and usually lifestyle. I had decided to drop games and continue to pursue another hobby I enjoyed. Skateboarding downhill; longboarding the mountains… and that is when I dropped my keyboard and mouse. My work at the time landed me in a new location where I then moved in with new roommates. One of these roommates had a PS4 that was never used. After asking to play and their sincere offering, the controller got back into my hands. I casually played GTAV, it was fun and the racing in the game had its competitive edge. It began to creep on me. Win after win, lost after lost, I got other games….

A few years later, I got my own PS4 and I had also moved again. I moved away from Grand Theft Auto and into Ubisoft Steep and Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

What felt like 10 years away from what grew into the now esports industry, I’ve been playing catch up. Going from KBM back to controller was also a whole thing in itself. Lot of new game modes have also been introduced or are now popular and have also been a learning curve. And at this point I feel like an above average player. I still have a ton to learn. Check out these montages from the first 3 seasons of CODMW 2020.

Beta and Season 01

Season 02 Memetage

Season 03 Recap