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Tranquil Trails on Riders Republic

A new series has begun, Tranquil Trails on Riders Republic. Your host riders, gnarlyDUCK, aims to give you the elegant side of Ubisoft’s latest simulation arcade of action sports. Packed with mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, snow skate, snowmobile, and many many other sports, there are endless trail systems mocked up from North American mountain ranges.

Tranquil Trail focuses on the trail systems, sounds of nature, with no HUD for a meditative experience. Hear the mud splash of the rubbery tires, brakes engage while carving corners on steep slopes and the various animals along each ridge. 10 minutes of riding with some stops on the way to enjoy the view and take a few photomode moments.

Season 01 has started, gnarlyDUCK begins with Canyonlands at an undisclosed location. This first season is compromised of 5 episodes currently with a few more scheduled to be released, weekly on Mondays. During this first season of editing I am experimenting and making touches to future episodes, suggestions are always welcomed through the Riders Republic Discord or YouTube comments.