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Steep How to Jump from Hot Air Balloon

You’ve seen it many times, now try it for yourself! Here is a list of of all the hot air balloons in Steep. There are a few ways to reach these hot air balloons.
1 Rocket Wings will surely get you there, just get your landing on point.
2. Paraglide will get you there, but only for Alaska.
3. OR If you have a helicopter ticket you can spawn at the top of the balloon by selecting the edge of the balloon. If you keep spawning in the balloon, try to move the cursor off the start point and onto the balloon. Watch the video for more detailed information. Alps
Mont Blanc – Stunt Flier challenge 4201 N – 2874 W
Tyrol – River Crossing challenge 2803 S – 6076 E Alaska
1259 N – 394 W Check out our video on how to do this via helicopter tickets.