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Gamer Goo Livestream Review on Ubisoft Steep

Stop those sweaty palms with some Gamer Goo! Scented with Peppermint, Cinnamon, or Orange will this product hold up? Check out our live review for all the details.

This was my first look, and hands on experience of Gamer Goo. I had gone to their website and ordered the sample pack which comes with 3 samples. Sent to me were Peppermint, Cinnamon and Orange goo packets. I’ll add here first that each packet can easily be 3 sessions. Session? Yes, each time you use Gamer Goo, you need only a pea sized amount, explained in instructions, which you will lather your hands with.

Like lotion, Gamer Goo, will coat your hands with this white yet clear goo. This goo doesn’t stay liquid for long, but dries up within a 2 minutes. If you used just enough, you will not see any residue… used too much you will see a white film powder or residue on your hands. This does not seem to rub or nor come off onto your controller.

As Gamer Goo is set in, you hands will feel dry, like very dry. You can easily feel how greasy your controller is but yet how grippy and scented your hands are. The Peppermint scent did wear off and left a rather odd smell behind. I hope to try the other scents to experience something different.

Performance… Gamer Goo holds up to their words, not once did my controller feel slippery. Though at time I can notice my palms got sweaty, Gamer Goo some how still dried it up.

Check out the video for the unboxing, wrapping, dispensing and all the fun in between… as we used up the whole packet, not advisable.