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Steep Season 10 Week 2

Season 10 is in full swing now that we are in week 2 of September. This month we focus on taking risks in both weekly challenges and also Steep World Tour! Yup, we qualified and are ready for this 2nd phase coming this weekend. Before we get into further SWT details, lets talk about this weeks stream for some more rewards.

Ubisoft Annecy last month gave us some rewards that reflect their Assassin Creed game, and this month we have another cross over. Rainbow Six Siege Nomad spec ops gear is available as rewards for this month. Play the weekly challenges and do your best through the Steep World Tour to get these rewards. Every week I get on YouTube for a stream on accomplishing those challenges as well as talk about other updates.

We travel to all the mountains on this stream, which was longer than usual as some of the challenges were a bit grindy. Hope this helps, and please leave a comment on the video.


Awesome! Thanks for watching that. Now, some more details on Steep World Tour. Steep World Tour is a competitive tournament that spans throughout the month. Second week of the month is always qualifying events. There are 4 qualifying events, 24 hours each, starts Thursdays 8PM eastern standard timezone. And the trend follows for the next phases. After the 4 qualifying events, the next weekend, week 3 of the month, will be the competition phase. To advance to finals, you must finish Top 100 in the competition phase. Again you will be given 4 days at the end of the 4th day the Top 100 players advance to Finals! Finals, is the last week of the month and here you will have the last amount of attempts but still will be given 4 days of time. All phases contain rewards along with many Steep credits. If you missed out this month, be sure to get on next month!

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