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The Big List – Updated 05-13-2019

Bugs & Feedback

  • PVP
    1. Turn off Lobby music when option ‘music off’ applied.
  • Visual
    1. Snowboard Bindings missing from Urban Outfits
    2. When taking a screenshot in Photo Mode, breaks ambient/Time of Day options in Replay/Game mode.
    3. Remove non-grouped players from replays – disrupts replays for content creators and enjoyable moments.
    4. Remove non-grouped player’s markers – disrupts current rider’s experience.
    5. Proper walking up stairs animation – Current animation looks silly when someone walks up a set a stairs.
    6. Frame rate issues during other riders nearby
  • Gameplay
    1. Bouncing into the sky from halfpipe Japan snowparks. Similar to Rail bounce bug.
    2. Hit Detection
      • Should be able to “brush” by bushes and small branches – added to G-Force meter
      • Magnetic rocks – rock faces or jumps pull the player upwards or backwards
      • Rail Super Jump – Randomly but recreatable – players are shot up into the air at exponential rate while near or on grindable objects.
    3. Mutails and Holycrails not registering on small jumps
  • Other
    1. Maximum Number of Lines – I still see this error, but nothing seems to come of it as it did in the past.

Ideas & Suggestions

  • PVP
    1. Playlist game type selection when starting PVP private (race, score, mixed)
    2. Voting system for next round/playlist
    3. PVP options menu
      • Ability to mute players during round
      • Turn on/off music
      • Invite
    4. Group players based on skill level
  • Map View
    1. Ability to type coordinates
    2. Compass
  • Sound
    1. Updated Music Player – Track chooser, playlist creator, link 3rd party player such as Spotify?
    2. Option to remove G-Force ringing
    3. Metal genre playlist
    4. Paragliding sound effect – Ability to turn off/on
  • Character Customization
    1. More & customization for Urban Gear
    2. No backpack option for all sports
    3. Color Customization – Color palette option to change color of certain items (jackets, pants, etc)
    4. Costume mix matching – Ability to split costumes (top from pants, helmet, etc)
    5. Ability to sort by brand/color
    6. More Gadgets
  • Visual Effects
    1. Dynamic Time/Weather when riding
    2. Gradient colored check point markers.
    3. NPC Presence
      • When not grouped, have NPCs near to feel as if there are more people on the slopes or challenges.
      • Hidden challenges where you find a NPC walking around.
    4. Ability to change time/ambiance while riding
    5. Option to remove black/white washout screen when falling
    6. Duplicate Time of Day menu between Photo and Replay mode
    7. Animals – we hear them, don’t see them. We don’t need interaction with them, but watching a bird sit on a tree and fly off before we come crashing down would be cool.
    8. Checkpoints Color Gradient effect – Please change color or shade of checkpoints so that we can tell which points come before the next.
    9. FOV Slider – Some like it wider others like it narrower.
    10. More HUD options – constant G-force meter, speedometer, height after jumping, time of day
    11. Refine Replay features
      • Added camera angles
      • ability to change all axis
      • Set camera to glide from point A to point B set by user
      • Focal adjustments/FOV
      • depth of field
      • filters
      • Photo mode’s menu
    12. X-Ray Mode for Bone Collector
  • Progression
    1. Ability to reset or add new rider profile (example: family siblings want their own profile)
    2. Reset Individual Massif’s challenges or type of challenge
    3. New Massif
    4. Arcade mode – Differentiate realistic riding from an arcade ride experience. Example: Landing off 2000ft cliffs.
    5. Co-Op Missions – Similar to Stories, give us challenges to do in groups or duo.
    6. Daily or Weekly Missions & Rewards
  • Community Aspects
    1. Challenge Creator Update
      • Ability to move check points for check point races.
      • Create better starting points for air sports.
    2. Public Shared Challenges
      • Cross platform option
      • Leaderboard system for shared challenges
      • Rating system to filter bad and good shared challenges
    3. Ability to view all my shared challenges in a listed order
    4. Ability to view all my shared photos and stats
    5. Real-Time Find a Buddy – Help us find each other better and effectively.
      • Filter by ride style, challenges, etc.
      • See who is “active” vs “idle”
      • See their “profile” content – shared challenges, photos, leaderboards
      • UI Location: Social or Profile Tab
    6. Have more than 1 “Active” dare – Currently you can only “Dare” one of your challenges to your friends. Why not all, or a few?
    7. Photo Browser – Instead of sifting around the map for public photos, give us one spot where we can browse and filter. Example filters (ambience/time, grab, spin, rider name, massif, near challenge)
    8. Chat Room – Ability to type – find riders, share coordinates
    9. More riders on screen at once – Currently limited to 4 riders including grouped members, please expand to allow to see many connections at once to give a more “active” feel.
    10. Interactive Lodge – a central hub area for players to meet, look at stats, challenges and shared content. Integrates above ideas into one section, similar to the Social tab.
    11. Game of SLVSH – Multiplayer
    12. Ability to remove challenge starting points with HUD active
  • Gameplay Updates
    1. Seamlessly switch sports while riding (Ski – jump off cliff into BASE, parachute into paraglide or speed ski)
    2. Duplicate grind feature across all Massifs to perform the same (update Alps objects)
    3. Turn off DLC(s) – Ability to turn off WinterFest, XGames as it can disrupt free roam & content creation.
    4. Ability to sit down instead of waiting for character animation.
    5. Multiple Controller schemes – This follows for console, but also ability for custom button mapping
    6. Meters for spin control – To help control how much you spin.
    7. Usable Gadgets – Ability to put some of the current gadgets to practical use.
      • Hiking Poles equipped allow for faster hiking adventures or auto hike feature.
      • Ice Picks equip allow for near vertical wall climbs.
      • Ice picks also slow down falling when during a ride.
      • Shovel to build kicker ramps (include digging/packing animation)
    8. Map borders – Ability to transition into another Massif when hitting a border.
    9. 1st POV / GoPro view – option for stabilization for replay and active riding.
      • GoPro when hiking
    10. Avalanches – **Many may not know the death of Matilda Rapaport during the research of this project. We assume Ubisoft is paying their respects by keeping avalanches out of Steep. I respect this decision, but do also see the thrill it would give ‘virtually’ for players. R.I.P.
    11. Speed Ski – Update wing control to R1/L1 instead of one joystick.
    12. BASE – Ariel tricks and running start
    13. Pump – Ability to pump while on ski or board to move forward with momentum, help with traversing and small inclines.
    14. Ski/Board physics and specs – Skis that are designed for fast riding should be faster at accelerating vs a board designed for tricks or deep snow.
  • Massif Updates
    1. More Snow Parks or added features – Add more towns to each Massif with grindable features.
    2. Map Editing – Ability to use shovel gadget to build custom ramps, fixtures, etc.
    3. Map Editor – New Massif or ability to alter current region and save into our own.
    4. Map Creator – Our own Massif that we can create and share. Give us tools for everything we would need – preset mountain ranges to choose from, different types of ramps, objects to place, scenery such as types of trees, cabins, potties, cars, and grindable objects all along with a grid system for easy use.
    5. Free roam Korea
    6. Licensed parks and resorts – A Massif full of world known parks and resorts with replica design. Example: Whistler, Mt. Baker, Breckenridge
  • Tricking
    1. Add a dominant stance and implement switch riding. This will easily double variations of tricks.
    2. Point system overhaul – Lot of complaints of repeat tricks and glitches for leaderboard competitions.
    3. Buttering / Board control – give us more boardcontrol  for both ski and snowboard.
    4. Handplants and Wallride mechanisms
    5. “Wind up” animation to aide rotation tricks
    6. Nerf rail points
    7. Higher score for cleaner landings
    8. Combo trick scoring?
    9. Snowball throw during Hike/Walk mode
    10. Jumping when Hike/Walk mode
  • Sports
    1. Snowmobile – One of the biggest suggestions of all time.
      1. Tow option for grouped friends.
    2. Snowbike
    3. Sled – Update top speed to match Ski/Snowboard
    4. Rocket Wings – Blur screen less
    5. Snowskate
  • DLC – Steep 2 – Summer Sports and Terrain
    1. Sports – BASE, Paraglide, Wingsuit, Mountain biking, kayaking, longboarding, dirt biking, ATV, BMX pump tracks
      • Remove snow – add water, mud, dirt, sand,
  • Ubisoft Transparency (Communication)
    1. More interaction from Community leaders – Confirmations is mainly what people are looking for. We hear you ask a lot of questions, but we don’t hear back. We ask questions, we don’t hear back.
    2. Updated Press Kit – Updated content for creators.
    3. Active Community Managers (see 1.)
  • UI Concepts


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