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Steep Season 6 May Steep World Tour Qualifiers

Steep World Tour

Season 6 is here, and so is the Steep World Tour! You know what else… Ubisoft has changed how often and how many rewards are available per season. Let me get ya more details. Now, each season is 1 month and will have a Steep World Tour each month. Along with those are weekly rewards that come in form of challenges. Steep World Tour format has also changed. There now is a new daily qualifying challenge with unlimited tries. Phase 2, semi finalist will then have 200 tries to get into top 100. Finals, the top 100, only 3 finish and have 20 tries to do so.

I will try, my best, to stream the Steep World Tour in its entirety. I’ll get on for each qualifer and show you the lines to get qualified. Tune in, subscribe and do your best to win!

Qualifier 1 May 10th
Treestyler – Backcountry Freeride

Tip: Do your best to stay near rocks or trees while tricking. Follow my line, if you are having trouble getting a qualifying score.

Qualifier 2 May 11th
Sorry I missed this one. Qualifier 3 May 12th
White Ballet – Backcountry Freeride

The line I show here has proven to win in PVP, multiplayer mode, and it sure does get you qualified. And I know you can hit in the 10K score range as well, I hope you have the best of luck for Phase 2!

Qualifier 4 May 13th

Semi FinalsĀ