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Steep Season 11 – First two weeks

Season 11 is in full swing! Ending the 2nd week, I hope you are qualified for the Steep World Tour. Sadly, I missed out on streaming all of the days to qualify, however I did get 2 rounds in… so I will see you for the next phase!

To start off with this season, Spooky themed challenges, be sure to check out my Monthly challenge selected by Ubisoft Annecy in Alaska.

A week before the qualifying phase of SWT, I jumped on stream for some of the new rewards this month.

The 2nd round of qualifiers phase stream, short and sweet, they usually are.

And again, another day making certain I am qualified for Steep World Tour. Along with a 2nd week of new challenges and rewards. Ever having troubles with challenges? Please comment in the video and I will try and help. See you guys in Finals for Steep World Tour!