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Streaming on Twitch Now – Games

Happy New Year 2020 and we be Twitchin! It has been off to a good ol start for gnarlyDUCK, Santa upgraded us. In the past we have mostly streamed to YouTube, but that is now changing,

At least once a week, and you know even more when Steep World Tour is in season, you can now find me on Twitch! Using Streamlabs mutlistream I’ll also be on Facebook Gaming Page,

Last week I did my first marathon, 12 hour stream! Started from Level 1 on Steep on Steam, and progressed to level 31 finishing all the mountain stories and wingsuit missions. Earlier today I was back on live stream with completing the paragliding challenges and rocket wingsuit in the Alps range. I’m going to continue tonight and get the rest of the season 13 challenges before they are gone!

BUT, you can still expect me on YouTube Gaming and be on the lookout for some Call of Duty Modern Warfare streams!

See ya in the chat!